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Groningen Language Centre

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Groningen Language Centre

Language is the heart of humankind,

it is what makes us able to live,

communicate and work together

in a successful and productive way.

Groningen Language Centre offer courses

to help you if you are just starting out

in learning a new language,

or to grow upon existing language skill.

For private or work-related reasons,

if you want to travel

to a neighbouring country

or to the other side of the earth:

Travelling has become the most

normal thing in the world,

so is moving to a new country

in pursuit of bettering

your education or career.

Travelling makes you grow personally

– and language wise.

Groningen Language Centre

will enable you to do so!

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Instructor & Tips

"Andrea has been my teacher for almost a year now. I’ve been incredibly impressed with Andreas' focus on my development as I learn German. She’s always been very supportive and committed to helping me reach my language goals. Our lessons are always enjoyable as she’s focused on making sure what we are learning is very relatable to real life. One of my highlights was booking an appointment over the phone in German with Andrea quietly listening in the background. It was a great experience and really showed me how far I had come in my German proficiency.

Cameron Bruce, Scotland

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