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Andrea has been my teacher for almost a year now. I’ve been incredibly impressed with Andreas' focus on my development as I learn German. She’s always been very supportive and committed to helping me reach my language goals. Our lessons are always enjoyable as she’s focused on making sure what we are learning is very relatable to real life. One of my highlights was booking an appointment over the phone in German with Andrea quietly listening in the background. It was a great experience and really showed me how far I had come in my German proficiency.

Cameron Bruce, Scotland

Dear Andrea, I want to thank you so much for the English lessons. I enjoyed the classes and learned a lot! You are incredibly kind, compassionate, correct, strict but above all sweet and you always strive for the best results. So thank you again for everything you have done for me and I love to keep in touch with you.

Iza Spelde, Netherlands

Andrea has been my German teacher since 2017. Thanks to her very effective teaching method as well as continuous support, I have moved from an A1 to a C1 level in about four years.

What I appreciate most about Andrea is that she is very versatile. During our lessons we go through grammar rules but also discuss news and interesting books, which makes learning very interesting. 

To top it all, she has also helped me with my CV and to prepare for job interviews in German that resulted in me finding a wonderful job.

I can only recommend Andrea to new students, who would like to improve their German or learn it from zero! 

Francesca Mazzone, Italy

Andrea taught me Dutch when I moved to The Netherlands and I always looked forward to our lessons.
Andrea not only helped me with the language but also gave me cultural information and insights which were vital for me to adapt and settle in The Netherlands.
I highly recommend Andrea.

Angelica Turner, Brazil

Andrea is a patient and competent Dutch teacher who never tires correcting the ‘challenging’ Dutch pronunciation until my pronunciation is as it should be. She also corrects all the mistakes in your sentences until all her students speak Dutch with a good pronunciation and the correct grammar.
Andrea always thinks along. She is an experienced Dutch teacher and knows what you struggle with and is able to help you. Furthermore, she always manages to come up with some easy way to help you remember the ‘not so easy’ words and grammar. 
I have been learning Dutch with Andrea for half a year now. At the beginning I only spoke very basic Dutch, but now I am able to have Dutch conversations with Dutch people. I really appreciate Andrea's lessons.

Cuicui Struik, China

I highly recommend the Dutch language lessons with Andrea. Andrea is a passionate and experienced teacher who has a great sense of humour! Her lessons are simply great - I didn't expect to learn a new language as quickly as I did! I would like to express my profound gratitude!

Maren Heinisch, Germany

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